Free Windows Server essentials training

Understand Windows Server 2022 basics in Instructor-led classroom and online mode

Best Windows Server Essentials training in Pune India Do you want to start a career in Server, Cloud Computing or on any other IT profile, but don't know where to begin? If so, this course can help you to discover the fundamentals Windows Servers Operating System.

Your trainer, Manoj will show you, how to install and use Windows 10 and Windows Server 2022 in the domain environment. He will also explain the basics of domain, Microsoft Active Directory, DHCP, DNS and required server roles.
This course ensures that you should get the basic server skills and understand the Microsoft domain environment at an entry level. No previous IT experience is required.

Who can attend this course?

Syllabus covered:

We are covering following topics in this training course:
Sr. Details
1 Introduction to Server OS
  • Understanding Workgroup and Domain environment
  • Why server OS is required?
  • What is domain controller?
  • Understanding authentication and authorization
  • Installing Windows Server 2022 in a VM
  • Using Server Manager
  • Configuring basic server settings
2 Windows server Roles and Features
  • Installing the domain environment (aka Active Directory)
  • Creating users and groups
  • Connecting Windows client OS in the domain
  • Login on the client OS
  • Understanding different roles: File server, DNS, DHCP, etc.
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