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Trainer: Manoj S. Mahajan, Senior IT trainer, view profile »

This is the preferred entry level Linux administration training, which will teach you the basics of Linux as an operating system and why it is one of the hottest server OS.
In this course, your trainer Manoj answers the basic questions: What is Linux, benefits of Linux as a server OS and explores the installation process, commands and administration. He will also show you the common usages of Linux in the enterprise environment.

Intended for:

  • IT developers or professionals with technical or non-technical job roles
  • For everyone, looking for a career opportunities in Linux
  • First step in learning the Linux System Administration.

Syllabus covered:

We are covering following topics in this training course:
Sr. Details
1 Introduction to Linux
  • What is the Linux?
  • Benefits of Open source
  • Understanding license model
  • Linux history
  • What is Linux distribution?
2 Linux in real life
  • Downloading Red Hat Enterprise Linux and other Linux distributions
  • Installation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Understanding login process
  • GNOME desktop environment
  • Basic Linux commands
  • Understanding system administration activities
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