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Trainer: Manoj S. Mahajan, Senior IT trainer, view profile »

Want to learn computer networking, OSI or TCP/IP model, IP addressing? Surely, this course will help you.
Your trainer, Manoj will explain everything, from basics, fundamentals components and core concepts very well. He will start from "what is networking?" till IP addressing. He will also cover the theoretical models such as TCP/IP and OSI model.
You don't need any previous networking experience to join this training.

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Syllabus covered:

We are covering following topics in this training course:
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1 Introduction to Networking
  • What is a Computer Network?
  • Why networking is important?
  • Networking Topologies
  • Types of networking, Understanding Workgroup and Domain environment
  • Networking Devices: Switches, Routers and Cables.
2 Network Models
  • Why network models?
  • What is OSI mode?
  • Understanding 7 Layers
  • Devices working in different layers
  • What is TCP/IP mode?
  • Understanding TCP/IP model layers
  • Understanding IP addressing
  • IP address classes
  • Understanding Private and Public IP addresses
  • Components in TCP/IP settings
  • Troubleshooting commands
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