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Best IBM Cloud Technical Advocate training in Pune

This training is based on the IBM Certified Technical Advocate - Cloud v4 (Exam C1000-158) certification syllabus.

After this IBM Cloud Technical Advocate you will work as a IT professional in a technical role. You'll understand the client-specified requirements and goals, and facilitate an appropriate solution with IBM Cloud, helping clients realize benefits related to leading industry and IBM Cloud offerings. Areas of focus include cloud components, architecture, and methodologies.

This training is an optional prerequisite for IBM Cloud Professional Architect certification.



Please check the syllabus tab above.
This IBM Cloud Technical Advocate v4 training covers following topics:

Sr. Details
Section 1 Introduction to Cloud (14%)

  • Define cloud computing and explain its essential characteristics, history, and emerging trends
  • Identify where to find business case studies for cloud computing
  • Identify the service and deployment models of cloud computing
  • Recognize the various components of a cloud architecture and its relevance
  • Recognize regulatory compliance and governance practices
Section 2 IBM Cloud Fundamentals (14%)

  • List key IBM Cloud Catalog Services
  • Identify where to find IBM Cloud services available to deliver specific functionality
  • Be familiar with DevSecOps and how IBM Cloud services are delivered to the teams
  • Summarize core groups of available database, integration, and analytics services
  • Be familiar with IBM Cloud documentation supporting client solutions
  • Identify how security is maintained in IBM Cloud
Section 3 Compute Options (11%)

  • Identify compute options on IBM Cloud and their advantages
  • Identify use cases of compute offerings
  • Identify the benefits of IBM Cloud Satellite
Section 4 Storage (6%)

  • List the high-level concepts and use cases of IBM Cloud storage offerings and their advantages
  • Recognize the benefits and options of IBM backup, recovery, and replication solutions
Section 5 Networking (11%)

  • Identify networking components, connectivity, and advantages of IBM Cloud
  • Identify when and how to use specific cloud networking components
  • Summarize VPC architecture, benefits, and networking options
Section 6 Services (16%)

  • Identify use cases for integration options on IBM Cloud
  • Recall how Edge solutions can leverage IBM Cloud
  • Identify use cases of adding AI and analytics into applications
  • Recognize the value of the different IBM Cloud Managed Database options
  • Identify the benefits and options of IBM Hyper Protect Crypto services
Section 7 Security (14%)

  • Recognize how applications can take advantage of the security features of IBM Cloud, VPC, and VMware
  • Recall how applications can take advantage of IBM Cloud network security services and option when building solutions
  • Recognize how applications can take advantage of IBM Cloud Storage services security option when building solutions
  • Identify options to secure networking when utilizing IBM Cloud PaaS in a solution
Section 8 Building Cloud Native and Multicloud Applications (14%)

  • Identify the benefits and key enabling technologies of cloud native and microservices
  • Modernizing Existing Applications
  • Identify key benefits of container orchestration systems
  • Recall different types of solution scalability
  • Recognize the benefits of adopting hybrid-cloud and multicloud architectures
Details for the "IBM Cloud Technical Advocate v4" certification exam:
  • Required Exam: C1000-158 IBM Cloud Technical Advocate v4
  • Number of questions: 66
  • Number of questions to pass: 40
  • Time allowed: 90 minutes
  • Exam fee: $200 USD. In India $100 USD. Worldwide it may vary.
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